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At Normandeau Roofing Ltd, we specialize in:
Vicwest CL 3070 Metal Siding
Goodlife VicWest CL 3070.jpg

300 Newmarket Boulevard

Agway 4-150 Metal Siding
Urban Agway 4-150 Metal Siding.jpg

Urban Mine

Lowson Crescent

Nichiha Siding
Burger King Winnipeg

Burger King McPhillips

Agway HF Metal Siding
375 Assiniboine Agway HF.jpg

375 Assiniboine Avenue

AL-13 and V-line Siding
Seasons 37 AL13 VLine.jpg

Seasons #37

515 Sterling Lyon Pkwy

Berridge HR-16 Wall Panel Cladding
Seafood City.jpg

Garden City Shopping Centre

Seafood City Interior

In addition to:

Metal Cladding • Building Envelope Systems • Waterproofing

Steel Decking • Architectural Metals • Metal Roofing

Custom Metal Flashing • Insulated Metal Wall Panels • ACM Panels

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