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At Normandeau Roofing Ltd, we specialize in:
Commercial and Industrial New Roofing and Re-Roofing

We specialize in the replacement and installation of full, partial and new commercial flat roof systems providing extensive warranties to our clients.  Even well-kept roof systems will eventually require replacement.  Normandeau Roofing is pleased to offer their clients a wide variety of roof system options including: SBS Membrane, Asphalt and Gravel, Metal, TPO, EPDM and Cold Ply.

Inspections and Preventative Roof Maintenance Plans

All roofs are subject to stressors and deteriorating effects from ultraviolet rays and exposure to all the prairies harsh environment has to offer.  Annual roof inspections and preventative maintenance allow roof systems to provide their optimal service life.  We provide complete roof reports with roof drawings and pictures.  This allows our clients to have the knowledge and information to make the best decisions on their investments

24-Hour Emergency Roof Repair

Our 24/7 after-hours call center provides our clients with the confidence that we are always there to provide top notch service at any hour, any day of the year!

Got a leak? Call our team morning, noon or night - we'd be happy to assist you!

Specialized Equipment

We now offer our completely portable high-temperature, low-pressure steamer unit to our clients for ease of ice removal and more! Our portable trough machine allows us to produce custom troughs onsite at your location. Our in-house metal fabrication department allows us to cut costs on all metal work required  

Curb Installations

Working closely with a multitude of different contractors, Normandeau Roofing Ltd. offers a wide variety of services, including curb installations.  Our technicians are trained annually on both new and existing products to provide the best possible end product.


Normandeau Roofing Ltd has a fleet of over 30 trucks and specialized equipment, proudly serving the province of Manitoba, Northern Ontario and Eastern Saskatchewan. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality work!

In addition to:

Siding • Building Envelope Systems • Waterproofing • Steel Decking

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